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Beauty comes from within, let me make it shine!

Ansata Photography is owned by Orange Beach, Alabama's only Certified Professional Boudoir Photographer.
This all-inclusive luxury photography studio gives you an experience of a lifetime.  Our mission is to help women feel beautiful, powerful, so they can can be empowered by their own femininity and the goddess within.


" Perhaps, we should love ourselves so fiercely, that when others see us they know exactly how it should be done. "

" Be so completely yourself that everyone else feels safe to be themselves too "


What is boudoir?!

  • A boudoir shoot is a life changing experience focusing on YOU.  Your brilliance, you individuality, your unique magic.

  •  Boudoir is about embracing your femininity, in a dramatic, classy way.

  • Boudoir is for EVERY type of body and every type of woman.

  • You can NEVER lose your sexy!  Age does not define  beauty!

  • Numbers, scales, and judgments do NOT confine you.  Get rid of your limitations.

  • NO experience needed!  As your Certified Professional Boudoir Photographer, I will guide you through every aspect of your shoot.

  •  It is proven that women who invest in themselves, go further than woman who don't.

  •  Most importantly:, Be You. Do You. For You

  • Phone consultation to personalize your shoot to your unique style, and answer ANY questions you may have.

  • Expert styling advice, Lingerie Guide, and Amazon Shopping Guide.  Our all-female staff will help you every step of the way.

  • Professional hair and makeup from our, in-house, certified artist.  We don't want you to stress about anything- sit back, relax, and let us do the work.

  • Four outfit changes to give you lots of verity and chance to show off your style

  • 90+ minute photo shoot with a Certified Professional Boudoir Photographer Jessie.

  • Expert and detailed posing coaching to suit your body type and style.  Yes, we will even coach you through your facial expressions!

  • Goddess treatment!  Because YOU DESERVE IT!

What does a shoot include?

Private Studio

professional makeup, lashes,
& hair styling

pre session prep guide

Luxury prints, wall art, albums, & more

Custom wardrobe

all female

100% private
to end

Professional photo retouching

~ Each Custom Boudoir Shoot Includes ~

Goddess experience

Happiness Guarantee!


Put yourself at the top of your To-Do list.
It's time, you're ready now!

"You are a symphony of stardust, and you were born to shine."

-Tyler Kent White


 ~About me ~

My name is Jessie, I'm your professional hype girl, and I can't wait to meet you!

I am a Certified Professional Boudoir Photographer in Orange Beach, Alabama. Nothing ignites my passion and joy like the click of the shutter. My mission is to remind each woman that she is a goddess! That inner, and outer, beauty is breathtaking and each of us possess it. When I'm not empowering woman, you can find me with my nose in a book, surrounded by my five children (1 dog, 2 cats,  and 2 axolotls). I believe in kindness and the power of a smile. I am a creative, a wife, a sister, a daughter, a spreader of sunshine, and a goofball. Let's have some fun!

Can't wait to show you the goddess within yourself!

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~ Love Notes ~

Testimonials from REAL woman, like you and me!


Goddess S.

Just saw my photographs and I must say I am SHOOK! Never believed I could see myself in this light. Jessie is so sweet, makes you feel comfortable and very professional. The pics are seriously amazing! Remember, you are never as young as you are TODAY. BOOK YOUR SESSION WITH JESSIE!


Goddess M.

I did my first ever boudoir shoot and I had an amazing time doing photos with Jess! She’s super easy to work with and helped with ways to pose and really made me feel comfortable. When it came to the photo reveal I was really nervous! I had decided to get really out of my comfort zone for one of my outfits so I wasn’t feeling very positive about how the photos might of turned out. Well let me tell you, those photos in that outfit ended up being my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE!!!! I never thought in a million years I looked that great. They were beautiful!! I was beautiful! It was an amazing feeling and experience. Can’t wait till I can do it again! 100% recommend!

Goddess Pamela-3.jpg

Goddess P.

Jessie is so fun and professional to work with! She is definitely a Beauty who empowers you to be the Beautiful person you are inside and out! I have worked with other photographers and I found that Jessie made me feel so relaxed and we had so much in common. I highly recommend working with Jessie and empower your inner Goddess! You will be so glad you did! Trust me on this one!


Goddess T.

I loved every moment with Jesse and so will you!  I never experienced something like that before and she helped me discover new aspects of myself and i wish i could feel beautiful like that everyday! My only wish is for more people to go and experience Jesse, who is the absolute best at what she does and you won't regret it 


Goddess R.

I absolutely loved working with Jessie. After surviving breast Cancer you still have a long road to go to get back to liking yourself and feeling pretty. The whole experience from having my hair and make up done to the actual photoshoot had me feeling like a queen. I had such a hard time narrowing down my choices of poses. So for anyone who is on the fence about doing a boudoir photoshoot I highly recommend Jessie and Ansata Photography because she has a way of making you feel so comfortable and you will totally enjoy it.


Goddess S.

I am overjoyed, they came out SO good, and could not be happier!  I did not expect them to be this good, but they are amazing, so magical, and I am obsessedDo the shoot!  You have nothing to loose.  It is such a great experience, and so much fun to do.

Life is short - Do the shoot!

Like what you see? Want to know more?

Join my VIP Facebook group to see more photos, get to know me better, and become part of the movement! Join my Goddess Tribe of strong, amazing, talented woman who constantly empower and inspire one another!

Befre and Afters

~ Before and Afters ~

Each session comes with your own celebrity makeover!

From Gorgeous....jpg


     Gorgeous ...



     Gorgeous ...



     Gorgeous ...

...To Goddess.jpg

     ... To



     ... To



     ... To




     Gorgeous ...



     Gorgeous ...



     Gorgeous ...


     ... To



     ... To



     ... To



" If it's both terrifying & amazing, then you owe it to yourself to pursue it! "

~ Frequently Asked Questions ~

I am nervous, I don't think I can do this!

Don't worry, we all feel that way!  With my fantastic staff, and my training, we will make you feel at ease.  By the time you get in front of the camera, it'll be like hanging out with your best girlfriend!

How do I know what to do?!

I am a Certified Professional Boudoir and am expertly trained to pose you flawlessly!  I will guide you down to your fingertips, and will even get down and show you the pose before asking you to do it.

Do you share my images online?

No!  Not without explicit, written permission.

What do I wear?

Whatever makes you feel your best!  Don't stress over this, and start out simple!  Lingerie, your favorite team jersey, your favorite t-shirt, a slouchy sweater, a shirt of your significant other's, we can even wrap you in sheets!  It seems daunting, but it's not!  I will emailing over more detailed information as it gets closer to your shoot date, I am always happy to help with this process!

All your models are so sexy, I don't think I could pull it off!

Believe it, or not, these are everyday women like YOU and ME!  These are moms, 9 - 5ers, women from all stages and walks of life!  The only difference is, that they took the plunge and did the shoot!  Nothing life changing comes from your comfort zone!  At Ansata Photography, we ONLY work with women like you, not models,  Let us make you shine!

Goddess Tanner-26.jpg

Let's talk

Email :

Call or Text : 251.333.8455


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