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The Body Love Experience

Our bodies do so much for us, it's time to love them back!

We are looking for 3-5 woman who are ready to embrace their beauty and book an empowering boudoir session with Ansata Photography!

Here are the details:


  • Be 18 + years of age

  • Be willing to have a great time!  Laughter and smiles are part of every photo shoot :)

  • Be willing to sign a model release that allows Ansata Photography to share your story and your photos.

  • Can not have a current boudoir shoot booked

  • A $149 non-refundable deposit is required to book your shoot.  This will go towards your image collection purchase.


Ansata Photography's mission is to encourage and empower women to love and appreciate themselves just how they are.  
A boudoir session is a very personal, and usually private, experience.  Doing projects like the Body Love Experience, allows Ansata Photography to showcase each session to other women who might want to know what a boudoir photoshoot is like.  I also believe that there is power in seeing, and connecting with, other 'everyday' women.  It is important to share our journey to self-love and acceptance.  I can not wait to share these incredible stories with everyone!
Boudoir sessions are a HUGE confidence boost!  I want every woman to experience at least once in their lifetime!  It's more than just pretty pictures you will look back on again and again.  These photos are about truly connecting with yourself and accepting ourselves for who we are: amazing, strong, beautiful women.
Let's have some fun and make some magic!


  • A full boudoir experience with Ansata Photography between May - August 2022

  • Boudoir Prep Guide

  • Wardrobe guidance

  • A full makeover with professional hair, makeup, and fake lashes.

  • 4 outfits/looks

  • 1.5+ hour photoshoot with Jessie, a Certified Professional Boudoir Photographer

  • Custom posing direction, for ALL body types.

  • Facial expression coaching

  • Being a GODDESS for a day!

  • $149 off if you decide to purchase! (Your $149 deposit can be put towards collections.  There is no obligation to purchase.)

  • A FREE 5x7 Crystal Block with your collection purchase ($350 Value!)

Total Savings of $649!


Artwork, images, and image collections will be sold separately at your Ordering Appointment.  Your Ordering Appointment will take place 7-10 days after your photoshoot.

What's holding you back?!  APPLY NOW

If you are not selected for this opportunity, are you still interested in booking a boudoir session?

Fill out the form below to be considered:

Imagine walking out of our studio, feeling unstoppable and knowing the full potential of your worth. 

Imagine having beautiful photographs that will remind you of your authentic beauty for the rest of your life

Imagine an experience that is celebrating, and rejoicing everything YOU are!
What are you waiting for?  Unleash your inner goddess!

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"Embrace and love your body.  It is the most amazing thing you will ever own."

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